The Lydians production of Koanga by Delius
Koanga by Frederick Delius (1995) Central bank Auditorium
Koanga 1995

"In June and July of 1995, there were 10 performances of Delius' KOANGA in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad with an all-black cast and chorus of 120 accompanied by four synthesizers and a steel drum band. Thanks to U.K. Delians Derek Cox and Sian Carlin, we shall soon have a video of this amazing production. Sian lives in Cardiff, Wales, but was a voice coach and on of the synthesizer players." -from "THE DELIAN" (Philadelphia), April 1996. Click HERE to read more!

"Koanga is not your typical opera's blood and guts and Trini-style bacchanal... The music is beautiful. A lot of the time it sounds like old negro spirituals. There are so many layers of music. It's a fine texture. But the range for the soloists, especially Koanga, is very difficult for most singers." - Dr. Pat Bishop Click HERE to read more!

"There is nothing amateurish about their singing, playing and acting ...and their commitment ...supporting each other, but, most importantly, supporting the beauty of the work of this man Delius! The choir's performance was a joy to behold... Well-executed harmonies and inviting stage presence went a long way in sustaining the excitement." - Sunday Express, 18.6.95 Click HERE to read more!

"The Lydians have made their mark in history through their inclusion of the pan (steel drum) in Koanga. This is the first time the steel pan has been featured in a full length opera." - Wayne Bowman's opening night review, Sunday Guardian 2.7.95 Click HERE to read more!

The Lydians production of Koanga by Delius
Inside cover - Programme Notes (1995)

The Lydians production of Koanga by Delius
Front page Guardian Newspaper photograph (1995)
Randall Robinson as "Koanga"

The Lydians production of Koanga by Delius
Guardian Newspaper photograph (1995)
Joanne Pyle (left) as "Palmyra"

The Lydians perform Verdi's Requiem (1998)
Inside Cover Notes - Candid Shots (1988)

Koanga (1995) - Photo Gallery Koanga Gallery - Joanne Pyle and Randall Robinson (1995)
Photo Gallery - Koanga Performance at the Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Starring Joanne Pyle as "Palmyra" and Randall Robinson as "Koanga" (1995) (1998)