Ben Jackson

When the Lydian Steel was founded in 1994, Pat Bishop asked Ben Jackson to be its director. She had observe not only his dedication to the instrument as a member of Pan Knights, but his ability to read a music score, a rare skill among pannists. Ben began his study of music in 1002 and has achieved grade V from the Royal School of Music. He teaches music at Success/Laventille Composite School and his successful students include Shervon, Kareem, Mabeline and Dennis, all of whom joined Lydian Steel. He also provided basic music theory instruction to the Lydian massive for about twelve continuous sessions during 1998.

Ben and Pat in a lighter moment at the Annual Choir Dinner at the Hilton Hotel in 2001

Ben proudly recalls his first serious effort as conductor of the Success Stars Pan sound in 1993, when he led his steelband to secure second place at the School Steelband Festival. He has continued as leader of that orchestra.

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He also finds time to play football and basketball. His musical travels have consisted of five visits to Canada, two with the Success/Laventille Steelband Orchestra, and there as a pan soloist (inclusive of a demonstration at the Ontario Science Centre). A visit to Scotland was undertaken in1997 as director of his school's orchestra.

A variety of musical genres intrigue him, paticulalry classical, jazz, rhythm and blues, and pop. Following his participation with the Lydians in opera Koanga, operatic music had been added to the list. Ben intends to improve his professionalism and wants to undertake composing music for steelbands. Back to The Lydians Trinidad and Tobago Online

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