Music Festival 2008

Results for The Lydians

The Lydians represented well in the Northern Zone of the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival winning and placing in several classes.

North Winners for the Lydians
Class 75b Contemporary Religious Music Choirs (Over Twenty Singers) Own Choice: Days of Elijah

(1st Place) The Lydians
Class 47a Soprano Solo. O Ravishing Delight - Dr. T.A. Arne

(1st place) Germaine Wilson
Class 71b
Ladies Choirs Religious Music (Over Twenty Singers): Pueri Concinite - Jacob Handl, Jesu, joy of man's desiring - J.S. Bach

(1st place) Lydian Ladies
Class 49
Gospel Solo-Open - Male or Female Own Choice

(3rd place tie) Alexander Beard, Stacy Ann Sam
(1st place) John Thomas
Class 92c Chamber Music Ensemble (Steel Pan only) Own Choice: Storm, Vivaldi

(1st Place) Lydians Steel
Class 47c
Contralto Solo O Rest In The Lord - Mendelssohn

(3nd place) Janine Charles-Farray
(1st place) Leah Lewis
Class 61
Mixed Vocal Quartet Linden Lea - Ralf Vaughn Williams

(2nd place) Lydians Mixed Quartet "A"
Alicia Lee
Jenny Rouse
Patrick Bertrand
John Beard

(1st place) Lydians Mixed Quartet "B"
Camille Sejour
Anike Richardson
Jerome Spence
Jean Paul Bethelmy
Class 48c
Bass Solo-Open Myself When Youn (In a persian Garden) - L. Lehmann

(3rd place) Noel Rawlins
(2nd place) Lioba Duncan
(1st place) Garnet Allen
Class 52a
Operatic Arias-Lady's Voice Own Choice

(1st place tie) Germaine Wilson, A la Rondine
and Janine Charles-Farray, We Cannot Retrace Our Steps
Class 74b
Folk Song Choirs (Over Twenty Singers) Own Choice Wake Up Johnny, Arr - John Jacob, Choreography - Adele Bynoe. Iyangena, Arr - Pat Bishop, Choreography - Adele Bynoe

(1st place) The Lydians
Class 58
Mixes Vocal Duet-Open (1st place) John Thomas and Adafih Padmore
Class 59
Male Vocal Duet-Open Own Choice (1st place) John Thomas and Partner
Class 55
Veterans Class Own Choice Panis Anjelicus

(2nd place) Dianne Camejo
Class 48a
Tenor Solo - Open O Peace, Thous Fairest Child of Heaven - T. Anne

(3rd place tie) David Williams and Kevin Yung
(2nd place) Arnold Phillip
(1st place) John Thomas
Class 76b
Calypso Chorale (With choreography) Own Choice: Old Time Calypso Medley Arr. John Jacob, Hooked, by Mark Lo Quan and Destra Garcia. Choreography by Adele Bynoe and Alison Seepaul

(1st place) The Lydians
Class 52b
Oratorio - Gent's Voice Own Choice

(2nd place) John Thomas
(1st place) Benedict Rouseau
Class 60
Ladies Vocal Trio - Open I See His Blood Upon The Rose - Havelock Nelson

(1st place) Lydians Ladies Trio "A": Patricia Whittle, Alica Lee, Janine Charles-Farray
Class 51b
Operatic Arias - Gent's voice Own Choice

(3rd place tie) Arnold Phillip and John Thomas
(1st place) Kevin Yung
Class 62
Male Vocal Quartet down Among The Dead Men - Arr. Idloes Owen

(2nd place) Lydian Men's Quartet "C": Patrick Bertrand
Gerald Kennedy
Dexter Snaggs
John Thomas

(2nd place) Lydian Men's Quartet "A": Jean Paul Bethelmy
Justic Zephyrine
Joel Williams, Jerome Spence

(1st place) Lydian Men's Quartet "B": Garnet Allen
Benedict Rousseau
David Williams
Dwight Lewis
Class 73b
Broadway Musical Songs (Gents) Own Choice

(3rd place tie) Kevin Yung

(2nd place) Lioba Duncan, Impossible Dream from Man From La Mancha

(1st place tie) Garnet Allen, Mister Cellophane from Chicago and John Thomas, Music of The Night from Phantom Of The Opera
Class 54
Folk Song Solo - Open Own Choice

(1st place) Germaine Wilson, Poisson Poisson, Boykin Dead

Class 2
Boys Vocal Solo: Song of The Soldiers - Derek Holman

(1st place) Stephen Yearwood
Class 48b
Baritone Solo Love, I Have Won You - Landon Ronald

(3rd place) Lioba Duncan
(2nd place)Arnold Phillip
(1st place) John Thomas

Class 88
Improvisation on Steelpan (Own Choice)

(1st place) Earl Brooks Jr.
Class 50
Broadway Musical Songs (Ladies) Own Choice

(1st place tie) Adafih Padmore, Don't Tell Mama and Germaine Wilson, Art Is Calling Me from The Enchantress

Class 47b
Mezzo Soprano Solo

(3rd place) Adafih Padmore
(1st place) Germaine Wilson
Class 56
Negro Spirituals Solo Own Choice

(3rd place) Arnold Phillip
(1st place tie) Germaine Wilson & John Thomas
Class 69b
Mixed Voice Choirs (Over Twenty Singers) Pilgrim's Chorus - Wagner Arr. L. Koemmenich, Where Chorlas Lie - E. Elgar Arr. d. Fraser

(1st place) The Lydians
Class 57
Lady's Vocal Duet: The Sheperd's Song - Edward Elgar

(3rd place) Stacy Ann Sam and Alicia Lee
(2nd place)Kamaria Cupid and Makini McGuire
Class 66
Vocal Recital (Own Choice)

(2nd place)Janine Charles-Farray
(1st place) Germaine Wilson
Class 67
Family Class (Own Choice)

(1st place) Alicia Lee and The Colymore Family
Class 53
Leider (Own Choice)

(1st place) Kevin Yung and Accompanist
Class 70b
Male Voice Choirs: Londonderry Air - P. Grainger Arr. C. Gates. Vive L'Amour - Arr. A. Parker & R. Shaw

(1st place) Lydian Men's Choir

Championship Results for the Lydians - Music Festival 2008
The Ashdown Cup Religious Music choirs
- over 20 singers Pueri Concinite - Jacob Handl
Jesu, joy of man's desiring - J.S. Bach

The Lydian Ladies Choir
The Joslynne Sealey Trophy II
Calypso Chorale (With Choreograhy)

The Lydians (North)

Havelock Nelson Cup
Operatic Aria (Ladies)

Germaine Wilson
Subscriber's Cup
Mixed Vocal Duet

Garnet Allen and Germaine Wilson
Dr. Dorrel Philip Trophy
Broadway Music Songs
(four-way tie - first time ever in the history of the Music Festival)

Adafih Padmore, Garnet Allen, Germaine Wilson, John Thomas

Chesterton Ali Memorial Trophy
Vocal Recital Class

Germaine Wilson
Gatcliffe Cup

Benedict Rousseau
Abdool Trophy
Gent's Solos Classes 48 a, b, c

John Thomas
Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce Cup

Lydian Male Choir
San Fernando Chorale
Contemporary Music

The Lydians

Other Music Festival Awards Recieved
Merchant's Cup
- Most Outstanding Adult Choir-

The Lydian Male Choir
Norman Phillip Cup- Most Outstanding Tenor -

John Thomas
ffrench Trophy- Most Promising Performer -

John Thomas
May Johnstone Commemoration Shield- Most Oustanding Performer -

Germaine Wilson

Congratulations to all other Individual Lydians who registered and/or Performed!

We saw a significant increase in individual Lydians entering the Music Festival this year.
Participation credits go out to the following Lydians:

Glenis Potts
Gregory Pantin
Marvin Dowridge
June Hazel
Morgan Lewis
Alex Lewis